Self Exploration

January 20, 2014

In today’s society many of us lead very busy lives with an ever increasing list of things we have to get done in a certain amount of time. Outside environment is also full of stimulation which gets harder to pull away from so we can just be! What I call being a human being rather than a human doing, a saying I heard in my training many years ago but have never forgotten. As a result of this we go through life not really knowing who we are, what motivates us and why we behave the way we do.

Why would we want to know that? What difference would it make?

Knowing ourselves more has many benefits.  Accepting who we are and having an understanding of why we behave in certain ways improves our self worth and the way we communicate with each other which in turn helps our relationships.

Self exploring can however be gruelling it is hard to relive some painful memory, find out something we don’t like about ourselves or take the risk of making a complex choice. With continuous practice however it does get easier that said past trauma can bury too painful a memory and may seem impossible but with a trained therapist who specialises in trauma can help.

 So now I have enticed you to know yourself better here are some ways you can start.

1.       Create a family tree or genogram

2.       Make a time line of your life

3.       Ask yourself what would I do with three wishes

4.       Question your likes and dislikes [ why do I love,  Why do I like to dress a certain way,  why am I always angry, why don’t I cry often]

5.       Sometimes the assistance of a friend can help.

6.       And the key for all the above to work is, as Polonius said to his Son Laertes in Shakespeare’s Hamlet....”to thine own self be true”

Self exploration is exciting, rewarding and exhilarating but it takes time effort and focus.

Have fun getting to know yourself!



why people avoid counselling

March 5, 2013

Some reasons people avoid counselling.

Some people may think “Why should I talk to a stranger about the problems in my life? It’s nobody’s concern but mine.” But the truth is your life and the pathways you take do have an effect on the people around you.  When someone really feels they have no consequence to others they cannot function properly in any aspect of their lives therefore would benifit from counselling.

Others feel that Counselling doesn’t work although this is sometim...

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February 28, 2013

Welcome to my new blog page. Here is where I will chat about counselling and mental health issues. Please join me and just maybe we can dispel fears that society has about such topics. coming soon " why people avoid counselling"

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