why people avoid counselling

Posted by Carole Brooks on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 Under: counselling

Some reasons people avoid counselling.

Some people may think “Why should I talk to a stranger about the problems in my life? It’s nobody’s concern but mine.” But the truth is your life and the pathways you take do have an effect on the people around you.  When someone really feels they have no consequence to others they cannot function properly in any aspect of their lives therefore would benifit from counselling.

Others feel that Counselling doesn’t work although this is sometimes true what is more important is why it didn’t work, was it the wrong kind of counsellor for you? There may have been resistance from the client even to the point of disruption. There could be a number of reasons that therapy didn’t or doesn’t work for you; the most important thing is why?

“Counsellors are Quacks, they practice without training or qualifications or make false claims of expertise” All professions have people like this however they also have highly qualified professionals. When choosing a counsellor make sure they have the correct qualifications, if in doubt ask! the only counsellors that might take offence at this would be the ones who have none.

Only mad people have counselling. No! The most significant and comforting thing for most people when they see a counsellor is hearing a trained professional tell them they are not mad or alone. Although to the individual suffering the problem it is very real and personal, problems are common to everyone even severe ones.

Although there are many more these are the ones I have frequently come across. If you have one that is not above but would like to discuss it please feel free to contact me. 

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