My philosophy of Supervision:

is to create an environment of support, mutual trust, respect, openness and empathy. Maintaining these nurturing principles creates a safe space for supervisees to reflect on development, heighten their understanding of themselves and increase insight.

As a supervisee I found I flourished both professionally and personally when offered an open, honest and supportive environment.

Although exploration of client work will play an important part of supervision work, I think it is equally important to place you, the supervisee and therapist, at the centre of the process. 

I am a BACP Accredited trainee Supervisor. I support counsellors to develop and integrate Person Centred and Humanistic theory in practice. I am training at the CPPD in North London. The cor of this training is the Seven Eyed Model which was developed with an aim to equip supervisors to

help their supervisees to experience work as a place of purpose, achievement, self-worth, service, relationship and creativity.

My Fee during my training as a supervisor will be £35 per hour.